At Sam Rouse Furniture we are all about you. We often get asked what our style is, and that is almost impossible to answer. We build whatever you can imagine. Every piece is different in style and materials. That is what makes this fun! No getting stuck in a particular style. Our style evolves with you. Every time you reach out to us it is a unique and fun challenge that we embrace and  make our own.  





Once you are ready Sam will connect you with one of the wonderful designers on our team. Together the three of you will work together to bring your vision to life or to help create your vision. Through a series of questions, we will begin to shape the ethos of the piece and bring it to life through draft drawings until we have arrived together at a piece of furniture that is uniquely yours.

A two hundred dollar design fee is assessed at the beginning of this process. However, if you are wanting us to mimic a existing piece with differing dimensions or materials, you can send us the photos and we can build from there without a design fee. 


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The hard part is over (at least for you). Most pieces require twelve to fourteen weeks to complete. You will be updated periodically as we are working through the build. But don't get too comfortable. Part of the fun of custom builds is the unknown. Occasionally we may have a question or thought about the project as we build and will ask for your feedback on improvements and run though required changes. Then enjoy! We all put a lot of heart into creating something that you can enjoy for generations to come! Enjoy the fruits of your labor and memories that will be created around it. 

Relax & enjoy


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