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North Carolina

Since an early age, Sam Rouse always had an interest in woodworking. An interest that started from afternoons spent in his father's small garage woodshop, distracting his dad and building things worthy of a lesser seen shelf in the family home, quickly grew into a love. A love of creating. Using his hands to make old things new. To make pieces and parts into something usable and joy-giving. Forts, carnival games, pinewood derby cars... Nothing was off limits, but furniture wasn't on the radar. Then off to university where he met his beautiful wife-to-be Kayla. Here was someone who warranted more than a trinket. An idea was born, what if he made something lasting, something to show his love and adorn her first home. Furniture. What was first an interest and then a love shifted once more...to passion. 

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Passion without knowledge doesn't make for beautiful furniture. Sam knew that to make a proper go at crafting furniture he would need world class training, So off he and his expecting wife went to the renowned Chippendale International School of Furniture in the Scottish countryside. It was here that Sam learned the finer points of creating beautiful furniture both by hand and modern machine. Inspired by the people, manor houses, landscape, and culture of Scotland, Sam returned to America with 6 week old daughter in tow.



Back in the States, Sam moved to central North Carolina, the heart of the American furniture industry. Setting up shop at The Forge, a community maker space, Sam began taking on his first professional work. A year and a half later, with a need to grow the scope of work he could take on, Sam moved into his current shop. A 3,000 square foot woodshop with everything needed for commercial and residential furniture and cabinetry as well as bespoke kitchens.